We'd love you to join us for our regular Sunday Church Service— we meet Sundays at 4:30pm.

Our church service is a time for connecting with God and connecting with one another. Our music team leads us in singing; we pray to God; we read the Bible; and someone gives a talk unpacking and explaining the Bible. We do our best to explain what we're doing along the way so that everyone knows what’s going on.

1 Corinthians: Message to a messy church.

Bible Series - Term 1 2024

Corinth was the original 'sin city', filled with every kind of vice and worldly pleasure, therefore, it was a huge mission field for Paul in his time.

The church was a bit of a mess. The Christians in Corinth were struggling with their environment. Surrounded by corruption and every conceivable sin, they felt the pressure to adapt. They knew they were free in Christ, but what did this freedom mean?

The early church in the city of Corinth faced the same kinds of issues tat we face as Christians living gtoday on the Sunshine Coast. We should carefully study this book because we can learn so much about how to live practically for God today.

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You'll find us at the new Palmview State School—
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